do you need some coconut lumber?

During the reconstruction following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, many houses were built with coconut lumber – a material whose physical properties are not well known and understood in the structural engineering community. As part of my research includes creating structural models of the types of houses built following Haiyan, understanding how coconut lumber behaves … Continue reading do you need some coconut lumber?

“there has to be a tremendous amount of courage”

In early January, I attend the National Council for Science and the Environment Annual Conference in Washington, DC. This year, the conference theme was “Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure” – a topic that is right up my research alley. Although many of the conversations throughout the conference focused on a topic currently outside the scope of … Continue reading “there has to be a tremendous amount of courage”

building codes and IO.

This week I attended the 2018 Natural Hazards Workshop hosted by the Natural Hazards Center in Broomfield, CO. The workshop brought together researchers, practitioners, and government employees from (mostly) around the US and the world. Discussions focused on twenty big questions and sought answers for reducing disaster risk. While I attended great panels that questioned … Continue reading building codes and IO.